November 7th, 2019

Image credit Pixabay - CC0 Licence


It doesn’t matter whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur trying to launch a startup, the chances are that your business needs an online footing from which to gain customers. You might be providing affiliate links for blogs, beginning an eBay empire or providing accountancy service for small to medium sized businesses. It doesn’t matter what you do, you must have a strong online presence in the twenty first century. Even if you have a physical store or office, you need to be online as part of your digital marketing strategy. Read on to discover how you can enhance your online visibility.




The website that you create for your business will be the first thing that greets many potential customers and clients. Make sure that your content is readable and doesn’t contain any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Ensure that your branding is consistent and that the message of your company is condensed within the home page. As a new business entity, it’s tempting to go for a drag and drop website builder, but you might want to invest a little more cash and employ someone to craft a unique and bespoke website. Drag and drop builders have a tendency to look generic. Ensure that your site is easy to navigate, has clear menus and isn’t full of waffle.


You’ll need to have sound SEO skills to ensure that you have the relevant keywords within your content to make your site appear higher in the Google rankings. Consider utilising the services of an SEO audit to hone your meta tags and ensure that your AdWords campaigns remain relevant and profitable.


Social Media


You social media platforms need to be updated regularly and you need to utilise them as communication channels. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great tools for conversing with your customer base, launching new discounts, offers and initiatives, and to maintain a relaxed chatty and tone rather than a stuffy corporate voice. If a potential customer asks a question over Twitter, respond promptly. This is a public forum for all to see so you need to create a good impression. The same goes for complaints. If you have a disgruntled customer get in touch over Facebook, don’t allow the comment to fester as anyone can see it. Sort it straight away.


Instagram is the perfect visual platform if you work in a creative industry. Here, you can use incredible filters to show off your wares and services in an attractive light. Use a central theme for your page, such as an Amaro filter or a Holga feel, to foster consistency. Make your posts aspirational and use hashtags to increase the viewership of your posts.


Being a new entrepreneur can be tough, especially if you are new to the twenty first century way of doing things. You must hone your social media feeds and sign up to secure a business blog. Get online and enhance your presence on the Internet to maximise the chances of success for your money making venture.