June 1st, 2020



Each year SEO marketing has plenty of new things to teach us. Digital marketing is an exciting industry, but it can be a little hard to keep up! For a few new trends to pay attention to this year, make a start with these five.


1 . Responding to voice search


Voice searches influence SEO, these searches are changing the language tones and keywords which people use. When people perform voice searches they use highly conversational tones and long-tail keywords. Marketers must use the same tones and words to respond to these searches. When you are creating your content, focus on natural language and detailed questions.


2. Responding to Google Bert 


The Google BERT update came out in 2019, standing for ‘Bidirectional Encoder Representations From Transformers’. This means that the algorithm decodes in several directions and turns sentences into meaningful representations. In short, this means that the algorithm is focused on the real meaning of the words; on detecting the search intent; and providing the most relevant content. To respond to Google BERT brands must focus on responding well to all types of searches.


3. Video & SEO


Search engines are mad about video, which is one of the main reasons that video always comes up on the first page of results. When you are creating video content, keep in mind that there are many brands competing for video attention. Ensure that your content stands out with its originality. To gain more traffic, optimize to the width of your blog, and embed your videos. It’s also vital to provide Google with clear descriptions so that the search engine knows what the video is about. 


4. Influencers & SEO


Business2Community reported that, 65% of consumers discover a new brand or product through an influencer at least once a week.’ This year an increasingly number of brands are using influencers to boost their SEO. Influencer campaigns can help companies to boost traffic, widen their reach, and increase engagement. In 2020 many brands are choosing to use nano influencers, with followings of between 1,000-10,000. Though these influencers have less followers than micro-influencers, their audiences are very active and loyal. Nano-influencers are ‘real people’ who do their influencing work on the side, (so these campaigns are more authentically received).


5. Longer Content 


Search engine data indicates that longer content often ranks higher. This is generally because longer content contains more keywords and phrases. When you are creating your blog content this year, keep this idea in mind. To help you to improve your content ideas, free try tools like ‘Answer The People’.

Many businesses will do their own marketing, which is a great way to save money. The fact is though, to stand apart from the competition, your marketing needs a professional touch. When you are choosing a marketing service, choose a company that specialise in your product or sector. It’s helpful if your marketer has industry specific experience, whether it’s seo for cbd or seo for legal firms, every field has different marketing needs