July 15th, 2019

If you’re about to go out there and network your new and small business, and you want to be sure you’re making an impression and leaving a mark, you’re going to want to book yourself in at as many conferences and conventions as possible. Even just maintaining a constant presence at these types of events, and always being listed on the vendor or booth lists, are a good way to generate interest!


But if you want to take it further than that, now’s your chance to read into a couple of networking methods that impress the most. So, with that in mind, let’s make sure you can plan your next conference with some very strategic tips in your arsenal.  




Make Your Stand Stand Out


It’s what you’re setting one up for, either way! A stand means you’ve got a place holder for your company, and it works as a beacon for anyone already looking for a service like yours. And if you’ve got a business stand, and you’ve managed to budget the fee for being able to maintain your place for the whole weekend of the conference, what’s next? Well, now’s the time to decide on how best to market your business, even just with your backdrop, so everyone else in attendance knows you’re someone to stop at! 


You’re going to want to use some impactful colors; ones that draw attention from far away, and hopefully, represent your business at the same time. You’re also going to want to set up a display that has the three day longevity needed, and something like a tension fabric display stand is best for these purposes. A fabric display, rather than a card or board one, is going to be much more versatile, and still cheap enough on your finances. 


Stay Active on the Conference Floor


The floor of the conference is the best place to get the word out about your business - it’s the place where people will walk back and forth, choosing their next destination to stop at. If you put yourself in the way, you’re going to attract a lot more attention to your stand and what it’s advertising. Even just a sideways glance here and there, following where you’re pointing, can be enough to pique someone’s interest! 


So make sure you’re active, and not just standing behind your booth, or with your stand. You want to be confident and out there, rather than quiet and out of the way. It might take some practice,to be confident enough to flag down as many passersby as possible, but you’ve got bags of time to come up with an elevator/sales pitch right now! 


Impressing people, both investors and customers alike, is easily done when you’re at a conference. You’re in a place where like minded people all collect together, and you’re never going to find more potential collaborators in attendance all at once! So make sure you get out there, and don’t waste your chance when it’s in your hands.