August 29th, 2019

Managing customer data will always be one of the most difficult and time-consuming things that we do as a small business. It takes a lot of technical knowledge to understand how data is managed in the workplace and also a deep understanding of different data handling practices to ensure that it’s kept safe. Due to cybercriminals and carelessness by businesses, there have been many data breaches in the past that have exposed private information which can be used for malicious means.


Since data protection is so important nowadays, both to give your customers peace of mind and also to follow various regulations, it’s vital that you take a good look at your data handling practices and refine them for better protection.


Image Source: (License CC0)


Shred documents properly and dispose of them


Many companies are still using paper documents for the low cost and convenience. It’s not until you’re a fully-fledged startup with a lot of data to manage that digital methods become more convenient to search, store and browse. It’s also arguably safer to have physical records than digital ones because they can’t be stolen or tampered with over the internet. However, it’s important that the documents are disposed of correctly if you’re going to get rid of them.


This is where secure shredding comes in handy. Properly disposing of your documents means that people cannot piece them together and steal information from your business or customers. Without proper shredding, you risk exposing your data to people who can simply search through your trash and uncover things such as contracts, records, statements and more revealing data. It also helps to ensure that the shredded documents go to a recycling service that swears by its privacy protection. Instead of just giving the shredded documents to any old disposal service, one that understands how sensitive your data is will be far more preferable.


Hire cybersecurity experts, don’t try to do it yourself


If you need to protect your business and its network from digital threats then it’s incredibly important that you rely on cybersecurity experts and not just your own knowledge. This is because cybersecurity is an incredibly pressing issue that has to be done correctly. From configuring firewalls to ensuring that your antivirus software doesn’t impede your work processes, it’s important to have everything set up correctly.


A cybersecurity expert might seem like an expensive investment, but considering what your business stands to lose without a cybersecurity professional working at your side, it’s easy to see that they’re worth the money. When hiring a cybersecurity expert, it’s important to pick a company that is reputable and has experience in the field. You also want to choose a consultant that has good synergy with you to ensure that your partnership will be a lasting one.


As you can see, there are a couple of data handling practices that you and your business absolutely must pick up in order to give your audience peace of mind when they hand their data to you.