May 20th, 2020

Video content can be a very successful part of your social media marketing strategy. Video content helps you to stand out and is a brilliant way to communicate with your customers, show off your skills, and help your business to grow. Ideas for video content can be hard to think up though, so here’s a few to get you started. 


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  1. Announce something new. Launching a brand new product, or have some other major news about your business? Don’t just drop your news in a Facebook post. Make it part of your video content. Make a short video of you making the announcement and share it all over social media. By using video, you can generate excitement through genuine personality and on-screen animations.  

  2. Parody something popular. Is there something clever or funny you could do with a famous clip from a movie, music video, or internet meme? A creative twist on something fresh is always popular online and can show personality. If you’re going to do this, act quickly, so the thing you’re referencing is still popular. If you’re too slow off the mark, you’ll like you’re behind on the trends. 

  3. Film testimonials. A lot of businesses don’t know about the power of video testimonials. Short written testimonials on your website are common on business websites, but you should also interview your most loyal customers and make video testimonials. Video testimonials can seem more trustworthy than one you have written down. Seeing someone speak also makes it easier for potential customers to connect with what the person in the video is saying. 

  4. Give a demonstration. Instead of just telling your customers how your product can be used, show them. Film a walkthrough of your service or product. Get hands-on and show off why what you offer is so great. 

  5. Host a Q&A session. Your audience will always have some questions about your service or product. If you spot that you’re getting the same questions in your inbox, then you can host a Q&A session. Write down these common questions, and start a live stream to give the answers to these and any other questions your viewers may have for you. You can engage with interested customers, show you are approachable, and turn leads into customers. 

  6. Go behind the scenes. Everyone likes to see behind the scenes of a business and feel like they’re seeing something secret. It makes people feel as though they’re getting an exclusive. Seeing how things are run can also help people to feel included in your brand and help to build a connection, and increase interest in what you’re doing. Footage of material handling equipment at work, for example, can be a lot more interesting than you might think. 

  7. Showcase your creation process. Are you creating a new product line? Show off the hard work that goes into creating it by sharing the steps you take from concept to finished product. You can do this for services too. This can help to generate interest in whatever you’re planning to launch and show why you’re the best at what you do.