October 14th, 2019

Pexels - CC0 Licence

Because a business is prone to attacks from inside and out, whether it's data breaches or fraud, we can tend to think about the larger components of protection. When it comes to your line of defence, perhaps you think about anti-virus packages or security measures. But when it comes to protecting a business adequately, the first line of defence from any sort of attack is your employees. Hopefully, you look after your staff adequately, but for your business to function properly, your staff need to know how to look after it. So what can you do to ensure that your employees are an excellent first line of defence from attacks?

Support Them With The Right Technology 

We still need the right protection in place. One of the easiest ways is to liaise with an IT consulting company; you can find more details on IT consulting companies pretty much anywhere. But if your employees are to be adequately armed with the appropriate knowledge, they need to have the right support. Consider them as two sides the same coin; if they don't have the knowledge, they can't use the equipment effectively. It's not just about having the systems in place; we need to be able to know how to use them!

Focusing On The Culture Of Awareness 

Involving your employees on every level is essential to building that bigger picture. This is how employees can become more aware of their own impact on the business, but also what they can do on an individual level to protect it. But this means harnessing the company culture you have, or may not have in place. Creating a culture of awareness is crucial because not everyone will read the email attachments. But this means you've got to work harder at increasing that overall awareness, not just in terms of cybersecurity or protecting the company, but this is something that can benefit the business in so many other ways.

Test Their Skills 

Not that you want your employees to feel on edge all of the time, but you still need to test them on some of the most common threats to a business. A very good example would be a phishing scam. Because attackers are becoming more sophisticated in infiltrating emails with phishing scams, you need to be able to spot the signs right away. Having a test that is partially updated can keep everybody on the same page.

Be Clear With The Standards You Set

Employees need to follow the rules, and this is why you need to have a well-documented strategy in place. Word of mouth isn't a particularly productive approach to keeping your staff educated; education should be an ongoing practice. Set the clear standards, and explain that they need following to the letter. You can show your employees the impact of not following them, especially in terms of how the bottom line gets affected. On a very basic level, you need to ensure that your employees can follow the rules.

Your employees are the first line of defence, and it's important that you treat them accordingly, but also make sure they are aware of their own impact on the business.