Linkedin Lead Tornado



1: Profile Makeover

We upgrade your Profile as needed. No matter the current condition, you will have an engaging profile ready to attract and inform your target market about what you do and how you provide value. 


2: Find Your Target Market on LinkedIn

We research the niche and create a list of perfect prospects that you would love to connect with. 


3: Daily Connections With 3-5 + new Quality leads every single week

We write professional, personalised messages, customised for you and your specific niche. 

75-125 connection requests sent every day with 15-30% converting into leads. Follow up messages build rapport and nurture leads by discussing the pressing problems and offering the solution. 


4: Initial Drip Message Campaign 

This initial campaign converts connections into interested leads. LinkedIn allows our message campaign to have a 100% delivery rate. No spam filters and no algorithms to stop us. Powerful!


5: Auto - Responder Messages

You stay engaged with  connections for several months or until they respond. This ensures as many connections as possible end up as interested leads. Staying Top-of-Mind is key.


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